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We Have Recovered Millions of Dollars for Our Clients
  • $4,700,000.00

    For a 49 year old man hit by a truck in Staten Island, suffering leg and back injuries requiring skin grafting and other treatment

  • $3,100,000.00

    Settlement for a 31 year old man injured in an automobile accident, suffering two broken legs

  • $1,350,000.00

    Settlement for a 35 year old construction worker who sustained injuries on the job site

  • $1,250,000.00

    For the estate of an 85 year old man who was hit by a car in Manhattan and died

  • $900,000.00

    For a 70 year old man who was hit by a car crossing a four lane roadway in Queens, NY

  • $475,000.00

    For a 21 year old woman who was struck by a car crossing the street in Suffolk County, NY

  • $435,000.00

    For a man hit by a postal vehicle in Brooklyn and required back surgery

  • $410,000.00

    For a slip and fall on ice resulting in a broken ankle of a tow truck driver

  • $400,000.00

    For a man who fell down stairs in a two story building he rented in Brooklyn

  • $300,000.00

    Verdict in Brooklyn for a man in a car accident who required knee surgery

  • $250,000.00

    For an 80 year old woman who received burns on her leg from a cup of tea because of an inattentive home health worker

  • $250,000.00

    For woman in a car accident in Nassau County

  • $200,000.00

    Settlement for a 92 year old woman who sustained a fractured hip after she tripped and fell

  • $175,000.00

    Settlement during trial for a 39 year old woman who slipped and fell in a NYC nightclub

  • $150,000.00

    For a girl hit by a car crossing the street in Brooklyn, NY

  • $135,000.00

    Settlement for an 82 year old woman who tripped and fell breaking her wrist

  • $100,000.00

    Settlement for a Brooklyn man who sustained a shoulder injury in an automobile accident

  • $100,000.00

    Settlement for a 25 year old man who was hit by a car, sustaining facial injuries

  • $100,000.00

    For a 5 year old girl hit by a car in Staten Island, NY

  • $99,999.00

    For a Bronx woman who was hit by a car

  • $97,000.00

    Settlement for a 30 year old man who was injured in an automobile accident

  • $95,000.00

    For a passenger in a motor vehicle accident in Queens, NY

  • $80,000.00

    For a man riding his bike who failed to stop at a stop sign and was hit by a police car

  • $75,000.00

    For a 31 year old woman who tripped on a cracked sidewalk in Manhattan

  • $75,000.00

    For a legal malpractice claim against one of the biggest injury firms in the country

  • $50,000.00

    Settlement for a 30 year old Queens woman who sustained a 3/4-inch facial scar

The Law Offices of
Eric R. Bernstein, P.C.

The Law Offices of Eric R. Bernstein, P.C. has been representing clients in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island for 14 years. We also represent clients from Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island.

Our team of personal injury lawyers is experienced in the various areas of New York personal injury law including auto accidents, defective medications, premises liability, product liability, and slips, trips and falls. As our client, you will receive personalized, efficient, and devoted legal services. Our hard work on your behalf is based on our belief that there is a workable legal solution to every problem. To work out that solution, we examine all possible legal angles and choose the option that brings the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

We Know Your Case is as Individual as You Are

We know each client has different needs and that is it important for us to make our representation of your case as individual as you are. Our highly professional staff is experienced in all aspects of personal injury law, so we can handle the smallest legal issue in your favor.

At the Law Offices of Eric R. Bernstein, P.C., every client we represent receives individualized attention and is treated like a person, not just a client. We are here to serve and help you through your difficult time. Our goal is to be your best option when you need legal advice.

If you have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, we can help ease the pain. Call the Law Offices of Eric R. Bernstein, P.C. for a free consultation at (877) 21 NY LAW or fill out an online contact form today!

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Experienced in All Areas of New York Personal Injury Law

What is My Case Worth?

The actual liability of the potentially responsible individuals varies depending on the rules and principles adopted in the jurisdiction where the mishap occurred.

To find out whether your case qualifies, talk to one of the New York personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Eric R. Bernstein, P.C. today at (877) 21 NY LAW or submit this free case evaluation form.

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