If you have been arrested, or are being arrested, you have the right to speak to an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning. The police are required to tell you what they are arresting you for – what crime they suspect you of having committed. You have the right to – and it is highly recommended that you – not answer any of their questions until such time as you have the opportunity to contact your lawyer.

Nassau County

Nassau Police Headquarters-516-573-7000
Nassau County District Court-516-571-2200
99 Main Street, Hempstead, NY across from the Hempstead bus station 2 blocks north of Fulton Ave. (Hempstead Turnpike) between Jackson Ave. and Nichols Court. If your loved one is charged after 2pm and before 1am CALL A LAWYER IMMEDIATELY. A lawyer can arrange a judge’s bail if the court is so inclined to grant the bail.

Suffolk County

Suffolk does not have 24 hour arraignments. Assuming your case has been processed you can call any precinct and they can look it up for you in the computer. First Pct.631-854-8100, Second is 631-854-8200, Third is 631-854-8300, Fourth 8400, Fifth 8500, Sixth 8600, Seventh 8700.

The following day of the arrest, one should be brought to The First District Courthouse at the Cohalan Court Complex. It is located at 400 Carleton Ave. in Central Islip two blocks North of Exit 43a on the Southern State Parkway.


Central Booking (718) 268-4523
Queens County Criminal Court (718) 520-1985
125-01 Queens Blvd (near Hoover Avenue and 82nd Avenue).


Central Booking (718) 935-9210
Kings County (Brooklyn) Criminal Court (718) 643-5675


Central Booking (212) 374-5818
New York County (Manhattan) Criminal Court (212) 374-5880
100 Centre Street (one block North of Worth Street, three blocks South of Canal Street). 120 Schermerhorn Street (between Adams and Smith Street).


Central Booking (718) 590-2817
Bronx County Criminal Court (718) 590-2886
215 East 161st Street, near Sherman and Sheridan Avenues

Staten Island

Central Booking (718) 876-8493
Richmond County (Staten Island) Criminal Court (718) 390-8400
Note: On weekends, call the Brooklyn Arraignment Office (718) 643-5675 67
Targee Street (between Frean and Purroy Streets).